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Streamline predictions, assessment and approvals for out of hours works.
Sound management of construction site noise and vibration.
Tap into 3D acoustic modelling results to easily assess and manage impacts
of planned works in real-time.


SoundSite is a web app that gives contractors the power to quickly and easily predict, assess and manage noise and vibration impacts from construction work. It bridges the gap between acoustic modelling and actual works on site, saving valuable time.

SoundSite streamlines approvals by avoiding the need to go back to the acoustic consultant every time changes are made to proposed works.

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Before a major construction project starts, an acoustic consultant usually needs to create a 3D noise model of the site to predict and assess the impacts on neighbouring communities. During construction, often changes need to be made to equipment, work hours and locations. Traditionally this would require going back to the acoustic consultant to re-model and re-assess the impacts in order to determine the best management measures and obtain the necessary approvals. This can be costly and time consuming.

SoundSite changes all of this by letting the contractor quickly and easily predict the impact of their works. The 3D noise modelling results specific to each project are loaded into SoundSite, so when the user adds new plant items or changes their locations, predicted noise levels and management requirements at noise sensitive receivers are updated in real time. The predictions are just as accurate as the original noise modelling results, which use industry standard algorithms such as ISO 9613-2 and take into account topography and shielding from buildings and noise barriers.

With SoundSite you can automatically generate reports for each work scenario, showing equipment used, work locations, predicted noise levels and management requirements. Reports can be customised to suit specific requirements for each project.


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